Friday, February 18, 2011

Young Adelaides

So guess what?!  My sewing machine is working again!
I'll bet you didn't even know it needed fixing.  Yup, it was out of order for a few months there.  I finally got some professional help and it turns out that there was just a few too many dust particles floating around in there.  I try hard to keep a clean machine but I guess I wasn't keeping it clean enough :)
Anyways, these two dolls are one of the first things I finished up once I had a working machine.  You may remember my Adelaide dolls?  Well these are similar to the Adelaide dolls, only smaller.

Younger at heart :)
See?  They got blush on their cheeks.
Those lively, flirtin' sisters.

These two dolls took me over six months to make (talk about a slow production time).  I started them for the two daughters of a dear friend of mine when I learned she was moving away... well they've moved, I'll have to send them to her now.  

These are probably the last two Adelaide dolls I will make for a while, but I always like how they turn out.



Lydia Nelson said...

soooo cute!

Sonia Barton said...

Becca it doesn't matter how much you clean your machine, it will always need a professional cleaning every now and then because try as you might you can't get into all the little nooks, the dust bunnies are good at getting into. It's an added expense but well worth it, for the machines longevity.

And those dolls are to cute!

Jean Has Been Shopping said...

Those dolls are beautiful! I'm glad your sewing machine has been repaired. Now, uh...where do I find the homemade chocolates? :-)

Liz said...

Maybe if you have a pester-ish blog friend, you'll make another set sooner than you think. wink, wink. :)


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