Friday, April 22, 2011

Feature Friday: A Mother's Shoulder Bag and Activity Banner

I received TWO high quality products last week, via giveaway prizes.
Neither of the etsy shop owners who sent me these items asked me to showcase these items on my blog- but I am going to do it anyway because I was SO impressed by the quality of each item!

First up is this gorgeous brown and green paisley tote from Sonia y Monica

The bag itself, and the accompanying nursing cover is hemmed with fine, even stitching, throughout.

The nursing cover comes with a high quality strap and buckle to give you easy access around your neck as you nurse.

Here, my friend models the bag for me at the park.  The bag was definitely a highly coveted item among the Moms at our play date ;)

 Here is the bag in all her glory, note the hand crafted button and flower pin.

It has 4 pockets, two on the outside and 2 on the inside; perfect for a cell phone, bottle, keys or wallet
The bag is rather deep and it fit everything I needed for the day including, bottle, blanket, nursing cover, diapers, wallet, keys, phone, snacks and sippy cup.
I received the nursing bag and cover via Crafty Mommy Diva.  Thank you so much gals!

 Our second showcase item comes from Reusable Activity Banners; Celebrate the seasons of Life.
The first thing I noted as I pulled this banner out of the cardboard tube was the thick, high quality vinyl from which the banner is made of.  
I am sure that this banner will be a great Easter treasure for years to come.  

I also immediately noted the sweet dowel and ribbon it hung from.

This product definitely got my kids excited about reading scripture before bedtime.

Each night since we opened the treasure, we cut out a new adhesive vinyl Easter egg, peeled off the back paper and stuck it to the banner.  Then we read the Bible scripture that is written on the egg, learning more about the last days of Christ's life.

I think the product has definitely been a useful tool in helping me explain the connection of Christ's death and resurrection to the symbolism we have in spring with new birth, bunnies, eggs and Easter.

The eggs are a great way to engage the children in reading the scriptures.

Though Easter is almost over, I definitely recommend considering one of the other great posters at Activity Banners!
How about the "Balloon Mom" poster, the Missionary Welcome Home Banner or this fabulous Teacher Appreciation Banner

I received this product as a giveaway prize via during Jocelyn's We Talk of Christ celebration this Easter.
Thanks again for the fabulous products, ladies!!!



Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow, I am also impressed...Your photos of the Activity banner really show me how large those posters are too. And the bright colors...wonderful! We will need to order one for next year! Thanks, CK!!

And that bag looks sooooo well-made. I love the colors! Adore.

Sonia Barton said...

Wonderful review, I'm so happy you are enjoying your bag. Thank you.

Kristina P. said...

I love that paisley bag. I'm a big paisley fan.

Monica said...

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