Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter... or, as they say in Romania, Paste Fericit!!!!

It was egg dying time at our house this week.

We had some great friends come over and help us color eggs.

 When I lived in Romania, I learned this nifty little game,
where your family/friends each choose a hard-boiled egg and then bonk them up against another's.

You say, "Christ is risen!" or "Hristos a inviat!" as you tap your eggs, attempting to crack the shell of your contender.
The winner of the mini duel is the one holding the one unscathed egg.
{my egg lost here}  
My son always seems to have the strongest egg!  He won every duel last year too!

Wikipedia has this to say about the tradition:  "In Romania, visitors strike red eggs against one held by the head of the household and exchange the greetings "Christ is risen!" and "He is risen indeed!" The person who keeps an unbroken egg is said to enjoy the longest life.[3]"

I love the tradition and I think it is a good way to make breakfast fun before we eat our eggs Easter morning.
I have really enjoyed learning about Easter and teaching my children about the symbolism of eggs, new life and re-birth this season.

I wish you all a Happy Easter!  This video gives us such a wonderful opportunity to teach our children about Christ!
I love this message and I know that He Lives! 
His Resurrection makes it possible for all of us to have life eternal,
and to be reunited with family and friends beyond death.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday!


Sharde said...

thanks for posting this! it was educational :) i have some romanian heritage so that is good to know!

Kara said...

How fun! We did the same thing in Austria when I lived there is an exchange student. I'm glad to know more of the history behind the tradition. Maybe I'll be lucky and uncrackable tomorrow...

Anonymous said...

IIII liiiiike this soooo much!

(said in a sing-songy voice!)

Liz said...

I had no idea about these Romanian customs! I wish we Americans had something more than just eating a big meal. :(

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Ha ha! I love this tradition!!! I have to introduce this to the kids next our house...I swear there are some hard-boiled eggs that we've yet to find...ugh! :)


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