Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Handmade Books for Haiti update

The illustrations for our handmade Haiti books are coming along great!  We only have a few more illustrations to complete before we can make our first hand-sewn, plastic bound book.  

I am really excited about this project and it has now been officially announced on the Abundant Ground Organization website here.

The main themes behind the illustrations have to do with education, study, hope and happiness.

Our soccer scene morphed from an image of dolls playing on the field to one of more realistic figures kicking a ball around.

This illustration reads, "I love to run and play"

Once the illustrations are all complete, we can print them out and assemble/sew them together in a similar way as these books  are done on Notes from a Very Red Kitchen by Katie.

I'm so excited to send these finished books to Haiti!  Our first batch of books will be donated to the children in Croix des Bouquets for children in the orphanage, ages 2-6.  

I really hope there are a few craft junkies out there who might want to help make a book or two as the books are pretty easy to print out and sew together.  We need to get 50 books  together for our first batch.

Let me know if any of you might be interested in making a book and I'll update you as we come along.



Millie said...

Carrie, this book looks beautiful. I also, think that your ABC book for the Family is a fantastic project to help children gain an understanding of such an important principle. Plus, I want to eat at your house next time you fix red snapper - mmmmmmm. Maybe I can come for a visit next January and stay for awhile, like I did at Becky's this year.

Millie said...

Well the above post says, "Millie said..." but that is just because I must be doing something wrong. It is from your mother - me, who loves you and thinks you and your sister are AWESOME!

Sonia Barton said...

It's coming along great! Give me some notice and I can make it a service project for one of my monthly sewing group projects.

CK said...

Awesome! Thank you so much Sonia!

And, yes, Mom. You should come visit me.

Adrian's Crazy Life said...

What a great idea! I'm sure the families in Haiti will really enjoy these books you're making.


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