Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Have you seen these?

I remember the first time I saw these guys.  I was sitting in the huge foyer in my high school at lunch time.  Someone from the second floor began blowing bubbles.  They were small and they were many.  One of them floated on down by my group of friends as we sat on the floor.  My red headed and be-freckled friend reached out her hand,

"Aw, a little bubble!"

And it landed on her hand. 
And it stayed.
And then she pinched it with her fingers and it didn't just disappear, it popped into a tiny piece of plasticky stuff.

"Uhhhh.... ew?"

Turns out they aren't ew.  They are actually really neat.  These bubbles are catchable.  They are plastic (as far as I can tell).  You blow them and there is a brief moment where you can still see the rainbow in their reflection, and then they sort of dry and become catchable.  You can hold a whole bunch at once.

They last a long time, and you can blow and blow and blow and they just keep coming.  
The photo and link from above is to where you can purchase them on Amazon, but I've seen them at the dollar store for ... a dollar.
And when you are done you can pick up the residuey pieces (they stick together), and rub them between your fingers, throw them away.  

I thought this would be a lovely prank for the college folk.  When unsuspecting victim is away from their home, break in and blow a vile of these babies.  As long as you leave them be, there should be foot tall bubble ocean when they return home.

"That's right!
This'll teach you for egging my car!
I'm filling your house with bubbles!
So bite me!"

My daughter loves them.
I love them.

My daughter actually gets confused when regular bubbles pop ;)



What I Did Today said...

HAhahahha! I like your sense of humor. That WOULD be a good joke. I'm going to keep my eye out for these.

CraftyMummy said...

These are very cool! I've never seen them but I'll be on the look out for them now

SHARM said...

I am in the look out for these. They look really cool. Thanks for educating us...


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