Saturday, May 7, 2011

Not fair.

This is me and Mr. Junkfood.  Although we may look like enemies, we actually hang out a lot.  

I've come up with a solution.  It's called the "Clean Teeth and Hydrated Plan for Staying Healthy".  Basically, I find it a nuisance to go and brush my teeth random times throughout the day.  After meals is enough.  Also, I have a horrible relationship with glasses of water.  I know I should drink them, but it's just plain not fun.  So my solution to junk food:

Every time I eat something I probably shouldn't, I have to drink a glass of water and brush my teeth.
(ya right that's gonna happen...)

I figure these punishments will give me good clean teeth (if I don't overbrush them, which is another incentive to not eat what I shouldn't), and help me get the water I should be drinking every day.

Ta Da!  Problem solved!

Or is it?

How on earth am I supposed to resist another when the first informs me that I make everything lovely?  

"Aww!  Thanks!  
Now what does the next one say?"



Lydia Nelson said...

facebook *like!*. please tell me that you really did eat the chocolate that belonged to that wrapper...

Vicky said...

Good luck.
The chocolate sounds wierd to me though, because in the UK "Dove" is a brand of soap! I think that chocolate is called Galaxy, the writing looks the same.

the sleepy time gal said...

i LOVE it! what a great plan!!! by the way, i'm dying for you to make and sell more of the play temple sets. i really want one~

CK said...

@ Vicky! Yes! Knowing only Dove soap would make the chocolate sound unappealing, wouldn't it.

@ Nicole! Hey girl! Great to see you. I'll ask Becka if she plans to make any of the temple sets anytime soon...


Jocelyn Christensen said...

I hear ya...those little sweet-talkers!

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

I love this idea! Have you heard of the diet where you eat an apple before every meal? It's supposed to fill you up.


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