Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Felt Dolls

Oh shoot.  
I didn't get a photo of how I made the board.

This is the first thought that came to my head when I pulled up these photos.  Sorry, I'll just describe it instead.

One day my guilt was nagging on me.  My daughter was bored.  I wonder why?  Why, in this one room apartment, is she not finding an endless array of things to keep her occupied?  Why is she not content to sit and stare at the pictures in a book for hours on end?

So I shifted through the box of ideas in my mind and came up with this one.
It's not new.
It's not original.

Take a small sized masonite board.  I have seen these made of cardboard, but that just won't last.

Cut out a piece of felt that will drape around the board and hang over a few inches on each side.

Hot glue the edges down.  Pull the felt tight as you go.  Glue it down nice and tight.

Ta da!  A felt board!

 For the 'paper' dolls, 

Draw a little body design on paper.  Practice how you want the faces to look.

Cut the little bodies out of the felt and draw on the faces and panties.

And now the fun part!  

Use the same paper pattern to design your own outfits for the dolls.  

Become a hairdresser.

Design accessories.

And presto!  Fun for ages 2+

I'm just trying to figure out ways to keep them out of my one year old's mouth :)



CK said...

This project totally reminds me of the little games Mom used to do with us on a whim

Vicky said...

I loved fuzzy felts as a kid. x

Evan and Lauren said...

LOVE this... and all your other genius ideas. I can't wait to try to be a creative mother... maybe someday I will be like you!! :)

CK said...

I like the dude with the curly hair and overalls.

Sonia Barton said...

Way cute Becka - I haven't done a felt board in over 10 years. They had me in the Nursery for 10 years, so I had all kinds of stories on felt.

I had to print images to trace - yours look really good.

My name is Lydia said...

these are adorable.

the sleepy time gal said...

i LOVE this!!!!!! what a great idea for playing indoors.


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