Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What I live for

The next couple of days I hope to share with you the thing that keeps me going.  I'm sharing it because it is what I live for, and what makes me happy.  The above picture is of my husband and our two children. This is my family.  We are young and we are few, but we will grow.  

The article I wanted to share with you today is titled, "Defending The Family in a Troubled World", and it is written by Elder Bruce D. Porter.

I read this article this morning and it reminded me of what my goals are, and why when I am straying from those goals (ie. becoming selfish with my time and activities) I grow less and less happy.  And likewise, when I am giving and sacrificing myself and my time over and over again to my children, it actually makes me happy, the fog clears, and I can breath.

This article is what I hope to remember early tomorrow morning when I want so badly to sleep in but know that I should get up, get showered, and get the family going.

with love,

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

I read that to my husband on Sunday...awesome article! I think I'll read it again!


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