Monday, August 16, 2010

They've been Milk Dudded

I like food.  I like chocolate too.  It isn't really counted with all of the other foods, it has it's own category.

The way my mind works is different than my husband's.  He follows a recipe exactly... I don't (as if the ingredients know if they were measured out correctly).  He cools off the cookie sheet with cold water between every batch so that they all start with a clean slate and therefore the bottoms of the cookies do not burn... I eat my burned cookies (if they burn that is).  He likes Red Lobster... Well okay, we agree on that one.  And he likes things simple, tried and true, the way he knows they will be good...  I like to take my food, my desserts, to the wild side.

Okay not really.  it's more like I have a sweet tooth complex.  Very often as I look at the lovely morsel of cookie in front of me it's as if my mind thinks, "Now is there any way I can make this sweeter?  Chewier perhaps?  How about slightly melted?"

To me, this is great.  Second guessing the results of the original is how so many desserts were created right?  "How can we make this better?  What if you combined two nearly perfect sweets together in a wonderful mixture of bliss?"

It's also a good way to keep those after-baby pounds if you are intent on holding on tight to them (Hey, they were my close companion for nine months!)  

This is the reason I have discovered that Nutella, for me, pairs best with a spoon, and that cookies that have an equal chocolate chip ratio to dough are divine, and that ice cream for breakfast is... well maybe not a good idea, but left over pie or birthday cake is (not that this is very adventurous anyway).
There have been a lot of flops too.  Like starting mini smores on fire in the microwave, or completely burning the bottom of the brownies to a charcoal crisp while the oven is on broil because I think I can cook fish and brownies at the same time (that didn't sound gross until I just typed it out).

Anyway, my husband doesn't much like to experiment with his desserts, especially his brownies.  I like brownies fine, but I always want to take it to the next level.  Add chocolate chips?  Check.  Try marshmallows?  Check.  And my latest ambition, Milk Duds.  This is where he drew the line.  He pointed out that we haven't had a normal batch of brownies for probably the last five times they were made.  I agreed that this was true, but I may have muttered under my breath how amazing those last five batches must have been.  But I consented to make a 'normal' batch of brownies, as long as I was allowed to pile my Milk Duds into a corner of the batch.  I just had to find out what would happen!

As you can see from the picture above, the Milk Duds got sucked under the surface (Actually, the picture above shows a regular brownie.  The Milk Dud version did not make it to the photo shoot.  But then this doesn't matter, as they looked the same anyway).  But the results were fantastic!  Imagine, if you will, the lovely warmth of a brownie, encompassing small chewy chocolate and caramel angels.  

And this is why Milk Duds are my new favorite candy.  

Just kidding, nothing can top a Twix.

So, any 'experiments' that are just not worth passing up?



Anonymous said...

this was a really funny post! love it! I will have to try that one day!

andreamichelle said...

I'm glad i'm not the only one that likes to experiment. My experimenting normally happens with dinner though, and i have the same disagreements with Ryan over having it "normal". too funny. The milk dud idea sounds good.

Jackie said...

Good idea!
Have you tried YORK peppermint patties (york melt best)

just pour down half the batter, layer with mint patties, then cover with the other half.
They are oey-goey but so good!


YUM! I seriously just had to go tear through my cupboards after reading this and scrounge up some vanilla ice cream and dump cocoa powder all over it and top with chocolate chips. Soooooo delicious. Chocolate accompanied by more chocolate ALWAYS WORKS :) Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

(A) Typical Suburban Mom said...

I'm such a chocolate junkie, it isn't even funny. Off to go find a box of brownie mix and see if there are any milk duds left.

Stopping by from SITS to say hello.

Anonymous said...

Stopping by from SITS and loving your post! Nutella is also amazing on a grilled sandwich with banana, plus the banana makes it healthy, right?

My name is Becka said...

York brownies! Chocolate powdered ice cream? And grilled banana NUTELLA? Thanks for the ideas!

CK said...

Woah! cocoa powder? Haha!


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