Saturday, April 9, 2011

They're at it again

Remember these girls?
Well recently they hit me up for cute little cottages.  They wanted to be neighbors and play house.  I don't know how to make little cottages, so we settled for cardboard houses instead.

I got the idea from this month's Family Fun magazine.  Who knew that hot glue could do so much?  

Oh hot glue gun, where have you been all these years?

When it was assembled, I let my daughter, Lizzy, help me paint and decorate it.

This is doll house # 1:
- two floors, plus attic,
- carpeting
- pin cushion rocking chair
- cheerios in bowl on counter
- and that is not a table, it's a counter as well.  I was informed of this by my two year old.

Doll House # 2:
- one floor plus attic
- blue egg carton couch
- side table with lamp
- cookies and juice on table with awesome scrolly puffy-seated chair (who's your decorator?) 
- and, of coarse, she knits

Turns out the girls were so excited about their new homes they decided to invite all of their friends over for a party.
Look, even Tucker, Wilby, and Lulu came! (the kids on the couch)

It was great fun coming up with this with my daughter.  She plays with it quite a bit.  And I figure the durability will match her attention span.

Good day to you!



CK said...

Becka, this is so cool! You are still a kid at heart. I love all the decorations and it kind of makes me want to make one too! I bet L would love this!

Lydia Nelson said...


Liz said...

You are such a good mama. If I had any inkling to do this, I'm pretty sure my house would have been 1 room big.


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